Tips to Get EverWing Legendary Dragons

There are several ways to get dragons on EverWing that we will explain in this post. And after understanding the different options, we will also give you the method for farmear dragons that works best in the game.

EverWing’s Dragon Eggs

The most effective way to get dragons on EverWing is to go for the eggs. Since they depend on coins and trophies, which is something we can control and plan. There are 6 types of eggs available in the game which are as follows;


It costs 1,000 coins and gives 95% of common dragons and 5% of the rare dragons.


It costs 3,000 coins and gives 90% of common, 9% of the rare and 1% of the legendary dragoons.


It costs 250 trophies and gives 40% of common, 54% of the rare and 6% of legendary dragons.



It costs 28,000 coins and gives 88% of the rare and 12% of the legendary dragons.


It costs 1,100 trophies and gives 70% of the rare and 30% of the legendary dragons.


It costs 3,500 trophies and gives 100% of the legendary dragons.

All have their utility, but as we will explain later, gold is the most interesting.

Boss Raids

As a reward for the Boss Raids, we can obtain coffers containing the following eggs;


8 bronze, 3 silver and 1 gold


8 silver, 2 gold and 1 magic


7 silver, 2 gold and 2 legendary


7 gold, 2 magicians and 2 Boss Raids


7 gold, 2 legendary and 3 Boss Raids


7 magicians, 2 legendary, 3 Boss Raids and 1 Jade


5 magicians, 3 legendary dragons, 3 Boss Raids and 2 Jades

To get these rewards, it is advisable to join raid groups, as the task is greatly facilitated.

Selling of Dragons in EverWing

At each level and depending on their rarity, each dragon has a fixed sale price in coins or trophies. Here we will only analyze the sale prices of the two highest levels i.e. 29 and 30.

Level 29

  • Normal for 27,900 coins
  • Rare for 125,700 coins
  • Legendary for 281,000 coins

Level 30

  • Normal for 355 trophies
  • Rare for 1,600 trophies
  • Legendary for 3,570 trophies

Method to Get Dragons in EverWing

If you want to produce many dragons and even get legendary dragons in EverWing, the method is to roam golden eggs, raise rare dragons up to level 29 and sell them.


Each golden egg costs 28,000, and to get a rare level 29 dragon, you would need four golden eggs, which in total cost 112,000, and a rare dragon at level 29 sells for 125,700 coins, so you would win 13,700 coins on each sale. But the golden eggs have a 12% chance of a legendary dragon. So with this method, you would ensure a constant production of the coins, gold eggs and legendary dragons. As the fastest way in this regard, EverWing cheats will be the best option and you and get EverWing cheats at